Processing Fee and Subscription

NDU Journal is an Open Access Journal, free for everyone to read, download and cite.

Publication/ Processing Fee

NDU Journal does not charge any fee for submitting, processing, and publishing research papers, therefore, no fee waiver policy exists.  


All issues of NDU Journal are freely available online but print editions (hard copy) are only available for paid subscribers (limited in number). Subscription rates are:

  • Inland: 1000/- for a single issue (excluding postal charges)
  • Overseas: US $30 for a single issue (excluding postal charges)

For any questions about the subscription or interested in placing an order for the printed copy, please contact  

Revenue Sources

NDU Journal (Y-category journal) is partially funded by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). It does not follow any business model (e.g., author fees, advertising, reprints).