Aim and Scope of the Journal

Aims / Objectives

The Aims and Objectives are:

  • To advance research in all sectors of National Security and Strategy of Pakistan
  • To promote publishing of high quality exploratory, analytical and empirical research scripts
  • To develop global networks among academicians, researchers and professionals for interaction and mutual cooperation
  • To encourage different genres in creative and research writing
  • To enhance the diversity, multiplicity and diversity of the research on national security and society and cultural in general
  • To publish new research in contemporary times
  • To provide the researcher a platform where issues of national security can be explored and tangible and workable solutions be proffered to meet the security challenges posed to Pakistan


  1. To enhance value of contributions, NDU Journal earnestly desires to benefit from a wide spectrum of the academicians, scholars and intelligentsia. In this regard, NDU Journal looks forward to your forthcoming intellectual discourse as per the scope of the journal.
  2. NDU Journal primarily deals with NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES, as per following areas:-
    1. Military Strategy
      1. Global Military Balance
      2. Asymmetric Warfare
      3. Regional Conflicts - South Asia, Middle East, Afghanistan, South East Asia, Central Asia
    2. The Art of Warfare
    3. Issues related to National Security
      1. Threat Perceptions about the National Defence
      2. Terrorism
      3. Extremism and Radicalization
      4. Media and Information Management
      5. Cyber Security
      6. Psychological Issues
      7. Hybrid warfare and Fifth Generation warfare
      8. Regional Water based conflicts
      9. Kashmir Dispute
      10. Afghanistan Issue
    4. Economic Security, Political Stability, Constitution of Pakistan
    5. Federation-Provinces / Inter-Provincial Relations
    6. Energy and Water Management
    7. Religious and Cultural Issues
    8. Any other subject matter having implications for National Security of Pakistan