BOOK Review



  • Ms. Shahzadi Irrum


Prisoners of Geography "Ten Maps that Explain Everything about the World" was published in 2015. The book's writer is Tim Marshall, who is a British journalist, author, and broadcaster and he specializes in foreign affairs and international diplomacy. The publishers of the book are Elliott & Thompson in (UK) and Scribner in the (US). This book explains geopolitical events through the lens of geography and
situations in several vital regions of the world. These include Russia, China, the United States, Europe, the Arab World, Pakistan and India, Africa, Korea and Japan, Latin America, and the Arctic (primarily addressing the geopolitics of the race for Arctic resources). By reading this book, readers will be able to understand how a country's geographic position has a significant impact on both its success and its level of power, and how this has determined the outcomes of significant global events for centuries.




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